We leverage the various marketing activities to deliver the highest value and the right messaging through different channels: 

Marketing 2.0:

 - Social Media animation (LinkedIn, Facebook, Viadeo and others): 78% of the web users are at least part of one social network, more than 90% brand managers are willing to communicate on social networks. From an enterprise blog up to a dedicated platform, we can support and activate your local community

 - Communication and visibility: Enhancing your visibility is key to generate awareness and reach new leads. Not only social networks, but also white papers, proof of concept, testimonies and press releases.

 Marketing materials:

- Fact sheet & brochure localization: Make sure your fact sheet, product description fits with each local requirement. Yoorop has a Multilanguages translation service.

 - Product white paper

 - Press release support

Marketing events:

 - Webinars: 50% of the web users  are willing to communicate on such platform. Yoorop will help you present the right way, get the right pitch and follow up on potential leads.

 - Conferences: gives you the ability to present your business point of view and bring a creative approach of an important issue

 - Seminars, user events: The best advert has to come from one of you existing customer and usually enhanced by an valuable story you can share with your peers.

 - Partner events: these  are  sometimes a good solution to reduce cost, enlarge prospect base and create additional value with a smart partner.