With the economic crisis in US or Europe, companies want to expand their market potential, but are more and more serious about cash spending and quick results.

On our business market, hiring a sales rep, or a VP of sales may be too much of an investment for a startup or a mid size software company ,and it often takes time from an interesting lead to a successful contract. A larger organization might be willing to have additional resources for a specific operation.

From these initial thoughts, Yoorop’s business model provides a set of various services:

    • Cold call operations,
    • C levels or Manager level meeting organization,
    • Lead generation on a specific industry,
    • Opportunity follow up,
    • Generate awareness in a defined channel,..

Each of these services are tailored specifically and the customer can select its own choice of services depending its growth appetite and cash allocation definition.

The SaaS Business Model: Sales activity & Achievement for Software Solutions