Market Entry

YOOROP is a team of experts in strategy and business development that helps its clients understand, set foot and grow in the international market. We are headquartered in London, one of the European's most fertile areas for growth and business model innovation.

From a single sales representative up to a larger organization including multi regions sales and marketing team with specific investments, YOOROP is your passport for the international B2B Market focused on IT and Software solutions.

Even if the world if becoming global, the diversity and economic differences between continent, regions and countries poses complex challenges as well as opportunities for international players seeking to exploit it. The successful execution of the optimum entry and expansion strategy offered by YOOROP will be the difference between success and failure.

If we take the old continent example, Europe's economic market makes it an attractive place to invest for international firms. When the dollar is declining, investments in Europe yield an additional return. Investing there can also diversify a portfolio, reducing overall risk for an investor. On the other hand, US has to be the next step for an ambitious European software willing to play in a global environment.

YOOROP represents an outsourcing of your international Business and Trade Development execution in the IT and Software sector. With a focus on IT and Software allows you the most efficient way to deliver the right message through out a dedicated and appropriate channel.