Venture capital

VC can help their portfolio becoming global and speed up the growth

Venture capital firms, active members of the board, influence positively the company strategy, at growth and mature stage with their expertise and Network, expecting an accurate business forecast and a solid execution plan to deliver the value and protect their investments.

Companies in Venture capital portfolios may have some appetite to grow international with adaptable product and/or solutions. By doing such, and expanding its partners and customer ecosystem in an adequate path, you increase their shareholder value.

New regions expansion for such companies definitely need to be part of the plan but how to achieve the first step while maintaining the burn rate at a reasonable level.

Well, they don’t hire, they outsource or delegate this approach to experts such as Yoorop.

Decrease your burn rate and optimize your I.R.R. (Internal Rate of Return)

Yoorop built its business model around a lower cost of market penetration. Acquiring new customers in new regions can be costly and time consuming. The go to market strategy is important as well as finding the right partner.


“Yoorop gave us reliable and valuable in-sights for our business initiatives and helped us defining our go to market strategy with accuracy” Jessica. W. “Asia Pacific Equity research”