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In 2012, the software market is forecast to have a value of almost 100 Billions with an increase of 35% since 2005. In this worldwide business, Europe is n°2 with 37% of the market value right behind the Americas at 42% of the market value.

Within the European market, some significant size difference with 2 main coutries driving the business: France (24%) and UK (22%).

Despite some late start, some countries are now mature in their business process efficiencies related to E-business. This is particularly the case in UK, France, Germany and Nordic countries. Italy, Spain, Benelux still represents an important source of potential revenue; even so the economic crisis seriously affected Spain more than any other European countries.

There is a growing trend of outsourcing services by the enterprises in Europe. Cost savings, business process improvements and requirement of specialized and professional skills are driving companies in Europe to outsource process. Further, the need for quality, and to meet both functional and non-functional requirements is driving this trend.


The 2012 European Competitiveness Report emphasizes that the manufacturing industry and related service sectors will remain a key pillar of the EU economy in the 21st century. To withstand growing competitive pressures, particularly from Asia, manufacturers need to quickly adapt to changes in their market and economic environment and reduce the time taken for new, innovative products to reach the market. Supply chain innovation will play a key role not only in providing a tool for reducing costs but, more important, as a means of providing increased competitive advantage.

This will drive potential market growth for efficient US software solutions willing to expand.

The growth of specific solutions requests such as Analytics, Software as a Service, Supply chain optimization is one of the key elements to consider expanding in EU.

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