Europe opportunities for Software business in 2013

The technology downturn of 2008 and 2009 is unofficially over," Forrester analyst said. "We are expecting a smooth tech spending rebound. Even so the market was less than expected since then, 2013 in EU is expected to be a recovery year with a trend in software expenses.

To achieve success in EU, Software vendors will have to reassess rapidly changing customer needs with controlled and managed marketing messages. They will also have to provide realistic business return on investment statistics, benchmarks and proof of concepts with proven and tangible business results.

Be prepared for new market entry with partners that can provide local, vertical market and application integration skills.

Cost optimization will benefit alternative software acquisition models as organization will look for ways to shift from capital expenditures to operating expenditures.

Financial services, manufacturing and retail will still keep an eye and invest into new technologies in order to achieve significant optimization programs. The need to improve business performance is changing the shape of business demand for IT to demonstrate its value.

In the top ten, Business intelligence, Predictive analytics, Big Data and CRM, as well as collaboration technologies are amongst the biggest IT spent for 2013. Do I have to mention the Cloud / Saas?...


A specific focus in the Supply chain efficiency whereas EU may have some lack of efficiency versus the existing US organization represent an interesting opportunity. Focus on Demand planning is particularly interesting in terms of ROI an optimization.

In addition, a favourable exchange rate will positively impact the expected gross margin. A licence fee or a pay as you go model will have an embedded 20% rebate with the existing market condition. This has to be moderated with the EU software market price with generally lower conditions.

Written by Super User