Yoorop in San Francisco for the International Cloud Expo

Cloud Computing and Big Data, converged in  Silicon Valley at 11th Cloud Expo   – being held November 5-8, 2012, at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA. and Yes! Yoorop was on site to check out the latest trends in the major growing fields of the IT industry.  Yoorop was present  in Silicon Valley to study a vast selection of technical and strategic breakout sessions, General Sessions, Industry Keynotes, "Power Panels" and a bustling Expo floor complete with two busy Demo Theaters, one-on-one with all the leading Cloud and Big Data players on what they are offering and how to make use of it.


In the most transformative technology shift since the personal computer and the Internet, it's apparent that migrating business to the cloud has reached a tipping point in 2012, where it is no longer a trend but rather an absolute business requirement.

Cloud and big data are definitely linked together as connected layers of the global solution.

IN the big date trends, one is itneresting to notice : Data Analytics Service – We will start seeing SaaS vendors that will start offering data analytics as a service (e.g., 1010data). These vendors will be able to pull in your unstructured data and provide you standardized reports and data services. This is very similar to the Web analytics (like Omniture) but access lot more data to provide patterns. 70-80% of the data analysis pattern will be similar across industries. These vendors will be able to provide these reports as off the shelf capabilities. For the other 20%, the web interface will allow the user to create patterns to analyze the data

The second interesting trend is about Data Visualization Service – Analysis is only one part of the data, the other big thing will be able to visualize the data (more like infographics) that help make sense of the scale and data points. Business will need help to make sense of all this analysis and again 3rd party vendors (via products or Saas) will be fulfilling this space.

Written by FStoop