Yoorop member of the European American Enterprise Council

The European-American Enterprise Council (EAEC) is a private non-governmental member driven organization that aims at promoting Cross-Atlantic cooperation and collaboration to foster Innovation, International Trade and Entrepreneurship. 
The European American Enterprise Council is headquartered in California, and is run by leading executives and advisors with a broad experience and know how as serial entrepreneurs, business angels, heads of venture  capital firms and/or C & VP level executives, and in making fast growth European and US companies achieve their revenue goals. 
EAEC offers a unique high level / high standard executive and cross-cultural network, with deep global-local or “glocal” experience and understanding of the key elements needed to reach business goals and desired ROI on business internationalization plans. 
At destination, companies are located and supported where their main target markets are, by EAEC executives and advisors/mentors (EAEC members), in leading US tech regions such as Silicon Valley, San Diego and Los Angeles, or important recognized EU markets such as Germany, France, Benelux, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Spain or Italy.


The mission of EAEC (and EAEC members’) is to:

  • Support American businesses opening offices in Europe
  • Support European businesses opening offices in North America

By offering unique services tailored to these companies’ needs:

  • Cross-Atlantic Acceleration Programs
  • Cross-Atlantic Tradeshow Programs
  • Cross-Atlantic Tech Tours
  • And many other services

Written by Super User