The real cost of expansion

Goals and expectations: timing and agenda

Timing and agenda is related to budget and resources involvement. Short term and long term expansion plan will have to be considered. There are three different steps in order to achieve a significant penetration in EU.

The first one is to have a good perspective of a realistic timing during the first year of expansion and set all resources to achieve 1- a significant sale in the focused market 2- Start the solution awareness with appropriate marketing tools.


Why thinking about Europe as a profitable market

A huge but fragmented market

The European Union is today a unique economic and political partnership between 27 democratic European countries with more than 450 millions citizens. The single market is one of the European Union’s greatest achievements.

Restrictions between member countries on trade and free competition have gradually been eliminated, with the result that standards of living have increased.

The individual EU countries still largely have the responsibility for taxation and social welfare.


Market Trends: Software as a Service, Worldwide,

Market Trends: Software as a Service, Worldwide..

According to Gartner, adoption of software as a service (SaaS) continues to grow and evolve within the enterprise application markets as tighter capital budgets in the current economic environment demand leaner alternatives, popularity increases, and interest for platform as a service and cloud computing grows.

Adoption varies between and within markets. Although usage is expanding, growth remains very significant in areas characterized by horizontal applications with common processes, among distributed virtual workforce teams, and within Web 3.0 initiatives.

Key Findings ...